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The Importance of Outdoor Mats For Your Business

Outdoor Mats Creates A Good Business  Outdoor mats are more important than many people give them credit for. Not only are they great at helping to pick up mud and dirt, but they can also offer a lot of grips when walking around. It’s likely you’ll find outdoor entrance mats [...]

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A New Floor Mat is Essential Around Christmas

Making everyone comfortable at Christmas.    Christmas holidays are those days of the year when, in addition to gifts, you expect a large number of guests to come to your home. Christmas is a holiday dedicated to presents, love, mutual understanding and family, and it often happens that many family [...]

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The Differences Between a Tacky Mat and a Standard Mat

If you are looking to update your property or potential workplace due to the amount of dirt being walked in, or just for corporate identity, it is likely that you are considering mats. Additionally, you have probably come across a range of different mats, and are wondering which is best [...]

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Need a Commercial Laundry: Look no Further

Are you currently having to use a commercial laundry to clean your mats? Are you dismayed by the awful service your publicly listed comrade is offering you? Look no further, as UK Mats Ltd are the UK’s largest independent mat laundry in the country. Our Laundry Service Here at UK [...]

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Mats?

Do we Sell Cheap or Expensive Mats? We’re not going to lie to you: our mats are not the cheapest - they are, however, the best. Recently, we have seen an influx of new mat companies selling unbelievably cheap mats and advertising them as identical to their better quality, [...]

Renting or Buying a Fitted Mat?

Why UK Mats Ltd?  UK Mats Ltd is the leading supplier of fitted mats in the UK. Unlike most of our competitors, we give you the flexibility to either rent your mats, and have them changed by one of our dedicated drivers at your preference, or purchase the mats [...]

UK Mats van hit by bus in Stoke Mandeville

On Friday 2nd March 2018 a UK Mats van was hit by a bus in Stoke Mandeville. This incident has made the national press and UK Mats have been inundated with enquiries asking after the driver. I am pleased to report that our driver, whilst having been cut out of [...]

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The Logo Mats Process Explained

Logo mats are the perfect way for your company to make a positive first impression, whilst also protecting your floor and keeping it dry. These mats are a great way to display your branding on a floor space, that may be walked over by hundreds of people a day. While they do look incredibly professional and do a stellar job of stopping the building entrance from getting wet or dirty, just how do you get your company's logo or brand on to one of these entrance mats?

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Using Entrance Mats as a Promotional Tool

Marketing and promoting is all about getting your message across in the most effective way possible. The more creative marketers among us look for opportunities that may seem out of the ordinary but, upon further review, end up being brilliantly obvious. For example, taking advantage of space on the back door of a public loo is brilliant.

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Mat Cleaning and Maintenance

Mats serve many purposes. They are that friendly and decorative thing when you walk through a door. That comfortable cushion beneath your feet as you work, and that essential safety feature that prevents you from tripping or slipping and doing yourself harm. However, a mat can only perform these duties to the best of its ability if it is clean and well maintained.

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The importance of business branding

“‘Brand’ has been with us since human time began. Millennia before marketing coined the term ‘branding,’ the how, when, and why of people ‘attaching’ to a person, product, or idea, has been nothing less than the engine of history.” - Bob Deutsch PhD, president, Brain Sells. As a business, your [...]

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Health and safety mats in the workplace

Health and safety is of paramount importance in any workplace and employers are required to meet strict Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requirements when it comes to providing a safe environment for staff, visitors, and customers. While they often go unnoticed, mats play an essential role in ensuring health and safety [...]

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