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When it comes to branded entrance mats in hotels and restaurants, these items do far more than just cover a patch of floor. In fact, commercial mats are pivotal in helping to create a warm, memorable atmosphere. Clearly, guests need to feel welcome the minute they set foot over the threshold of a hotel, especially as they’re generally away from home, so logo entrance mats are a worthwhile investment to do just that, even if they’re one of those items that are often overlooked.  

The right entrance mats reinforce your brand and give an outstanding first impression – these start from the moment someone is outside your building, and initial perceptions are the ones which last.  

The Benefits of Logo Mats in Hotels

As mentioned, branded mats do more than simply provide somewhere for visitors to a hotel to wipe their feet. Here are some other benefits:  

Enhanced safety and hygiene

Investing in branded mats obviously keeps floors drier in wet weather, so that potentially hazardous slips and trips become far less likely, essential particularly if you have high numbers of elderly or otherwise vulnerable guests. One figure has it that these incidents are the main cause of hotel-based accidents, with as many as 70% occurring on even surfaces.  

Water and dirt are also retained in commercial mats, so that neither is trailed indoors and across the floor.  

Clearly, hygiene and cleanliness are key considerations for all hotels, while customers expect nothing less than perfect hygiene, especially in high-end establishments. And with many pairs of feet crossing the threshold daily, without entrance mats it’s very easy for dirt to get into the building and be spread around, so cleaning your premises becomes more expensive and needs to be done more frequently.  

Heightened ambience and stronger branding

Ambience is a particular blend of service, environment, perceptions and how your customers feel when they are in your hotel or restaurant. All these things need to work in harmony.  

It’s also about being consistent, so that people see your logo mats on the floor as they enter your premises, then the same branding on the menus or in their room. It’s a feeling that’s further strengthened every single time someone stays at your hotel or eats at your restaurant.  

Branded mats reinforce the name of your establishment, bringing it to the front of your customers’ minds as they leave or enter the premises. Anyone who sees a scruffy or unkempt entranceway or matting will simply wonder what else the place will get wrong. But smart, clean and well-maintained floor coverings inspire immediate confidence. They can encapsulate the values and messages you wish to convey. That message can be changed over time if, for example, you want to update your custom logo mats to mark a special anniversary of the founding of your hotel or restaurant.  

In an intensely competitive marketplace like hospitality, branding could hardly be more important. People are entering somewhere they’re going to eat or sleep, so are going to be spending several hours or more there, and they’ve invested in their visit, so need to feel confident in the brand from the moment of arrival.  

Likewise, vibrant logo entrance mats can add a splash of bright colour if the rest of the décor is neutrally toned, creating warmth.  

Providing a welcome to visitors

Hotel guests are obviously some distance from home, possibly in a different country or somewhere the guest hasn’t been before, and they may be tired after a long journey. Done properly, logo entrance mats create a sense of arrival and safety, and of a warm welcome at the end of a journey or a lengthy day of work or meetings.  

To add to the sense of welcome, why not consider having the word ‘Welcome’ on your branded entrance mats in various different languages, especially if you have a lot of international visitors. This draws the eye and stimulates interest, while possibly encouraging people to guess the language the word is in.  

Why We Wipe The Floor With The Competition!

At UK Mats, we’ve been providing entrance logo mats to the hospitality and hotel industries for the last two decades, and offer our customers the chance to buy our floor coverings, or opt for the convenience of rental mats. Go for the rental option and enjoy regular commercial mat cleaning with new products supplied at intervals to suit you.  

We’ve worked with numerous prestigious hotel brands and individual establishments. The list includes the Ritz, Langham and Westbury hotel brands and Holiday Inn, alongside other household-name clients in the sector, from Jamie’s Italian and the iconic First Dates restaurant to Nirvana spa. When it comes to custom entrance mats, we’re able to supply any shape or size the client wants to suit their brand, in all colours of the rainbow, and we’ve created many bespoke products over the years. What’s more, we provide next-day delivery completely free of charge.  

So, as discussed, if you thought entrance mats were just something to throw on the floor and forget about – think again. Get in touch with us today to talk through what you need, and what would work best for your brand.