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If you feel your brand could do with a boost, logo mats may be one idea you hadn’t previously considered. These entrance mats come in all shapes and sizes and myriad materials, from coir to rubber-backed, and they can be branded to include your logo whilst matching the colour scheme of your organisation and premises. And whether you are buying or renting your entrance mats, logo mats offer numerous benefits to your business beyond merely being something to lay on the floor – some of which may surprise you!  

What Are The Benefits of Logo Mats?  

You can look forward to a host of advantages when it comes to logo mats, making the investment in branded as opposed to unbranded mats more than worthwhile.  

Of course, branded commercial mats offer all the benefits of unbranded commercial entrance mats, including their ability to trap dirt and water so that grime and moisture aren’t trailed all over your floors. This increases safety while helping minimise cleaning bills. But there are other benefits, too.  

These include:  

Building brand awareness and recognition  

Logo entrance mats have an integral role to play in the branding of your business premises, and forging a visual identity. And they create an excellent (not to mention highly professional) appearance when people set foot through your door – whether they’re customers in your retail premises, guests at your hotel or entertainment venue or prospective clients or employees visiting your company’s HQ or branch offices.  

Visitors are much more likely to remember your brand after they’ve left if they’ve noticed smart custom mats on their way in and out of your door. Equally, they also contribute to that all-important first impression.  

Making your brand more memorable 

Thanks to logo entrance mats, anyone crossing your threshold enjoys a warmer welcome than would be possible with unbranded mats. So why not incorporate a clear welcome message to visitors at the design stage?  

A good look  

Because you can match the colour and design of your logo entrance mats to both your brand and the décor of your premises, you can look forward to a tailored, professional look that’s the perfect fit with the surroundings.  

Inspiring confidence  

Smart-looking branded commercial mats inspire confidence among everyone who comes into your building – from clients to employees and others. After all, if someone can see that you’ve got commercial entrance mats right, they’re far more likely to trust you to get everything else right.  

Decided to go for logo mats? Here’s what you need to think about  

Clearly, you’ll want maximum impact from your entrance mats. Here are some of the things to think about to achieve that:  

Choose contrasting background and logo colours 

When choosing logo mats, it’s key to be sure that your design stands out as much as possible. One way of doing that is to avoid having a dark logo against an equally dark background. Typically, entrance mats tend to come in darker hues anyway, to conceal dirt. So, if your logo also happens to be in similar shades, you’ll need the services of a designer or logo mat company. They can lighten your branding for you, so that it stands out in the way it needs to on your commercial mats.  

Less is more! Don’t overload your entrance mat with info  

It’s a great idea to have a word or two of welcome on your branded commercial mats. But the more letters and information you try and cram in, the less it will stand out. So aim to keep information as brief as you can. And if you’re adding patterns alongside your logo, keep these simple, so they don’t detract from the main message.  

Equally, if you run a business like a spa, and are trying to create a calming environment, a design that’s overly complex may not have the desired effect.  

Location, location, location …  

Think carefully about where you’re going to lay your entrance mats. If on the pavement or just outside your door, coir logo mats are more robust and will trap dirt as people wipe their feet on the way in; coir may be more expensive, but branded mats in this material are incredibly hardwearing. In other settings, however, a bold, vibrant look for your custom mats may be the priority.  

Talk to us about logo mats – or place your order online 

At UK Mats, we offer a wide range of custom commercial entrance mats to order online. These can be custom shaped and fitted mats which suit your space to perfection. What’s more, we work with a wide range of different industries, including numerous prestige brands. The line-up of fitted mats includes gym and other leisure products, plus a number of accessories, for example to help matting stay in place where ‘creeping’ could occur. (We also supply specialist cleaning materials to tackle staining.)  

What’s more, we’ve been in the business for over 20 years. Talk to us today about your needs regarding custom-shaped and fitted logo mats – just pick up the phone to contact our friendly, professional team. We can help make your floors safer and more hygienic while reinforcing your branding.