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Bespoke shaped mats are a cost-effective, powerful advertising tool which create an outstanding first impression at the entranceway to your business, and subtly yet significantly heighten brand awareness. They also provide some obvious hygiene and safety benefits, such as absorbing dirt and water as people enter the building.  

At the same time, you’re in the driving seat by choosing the colours and design to suit your organisation, and you can also add your company name and logo to create a bespoke shaped logo mat. So while producing custom-shaped logo mats certainly isn’t without its challenges, they’re invariably worth the investment.   

Remember that when it comes to custom logo mats, you can buy them outright or opt for mat rental, with the latter meaning you can look forward to the convenience of having your commercial mats collected at regular intervals (usually timescales of your own choosing) for cleaning. They’ll be replaced with new mats.  

It’s true that not all mat rental suppliers provide bespoke shaped mats. But at UK Mats, we relish the challenge of producing smart-looking, hardwearing logo mats to fit all sorts of spaces. So we thought we’d offer a quick round-up of three of our favourite installations of these commercial mats from the past year.  


Company: One Carter Lane, London EC4 

Date: September 2020 

The Challenge: One Carter Lane is a prestigious building in the City of London, and home to the Corporate Bank Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB).  

Our challenge here was to create a curved logo mat to go around the revolving doors and entrance matting. The curved logo mat in this case was more than 14m long and had to be made and re-edged by hand.  

So it wasn’t the simplest of the custom curved logo mats we’ve done. Indeed, it was a highly specialist manufacture and one which most mat rental companies would not have been able to take on.  

Description: UK Mats originally made a template on-site by hand, then used this as a guide in the factory to shape the custom mat and position the logo. The bespoke mat was then made bigger than needed and the excess was trimmed on-site, before being re-edged. The mat then had a final trim on-site.  

UK Mats, with extensive experience of complicated fittings for custom-shaped mats, agreed a method statement with the client and all work was done of hours. 

Summing up: Whatever you need from your commercial logo mats, don’t settle for being told that something isn’t possible! At UK Mats, we love a challenge, and specialise in the ‘impossible’ custom logo mats jobs that others won’t touch.  

Company: The Danubius Hotel, Regents Park, London NW8  

Date: March 2020 

The Challenge: In one of our last jobs before the first lockdown, back in March 2020, we at UK Mats were delighted to win the contract to replace the custom logo mats at this upscale London hospitality venue. All custom-shaped mats have their own challenges, and we knew that this client in particular wanted commercial mats of the highest quality to welcome its guests.  

Description: The central revolving door matting was fitted in three pieces, one for each section of the door, and there were two runners that come off that, both with curved edges shaped to fit the curve of the door. 

What’s more, these custom-shaped commercial mats are rental mats, so are changed every two weeks, since, as an upmarket hotel, we know it’s vital to The Danubius that their custom logo mats always look their beautiful best.  

Summing up  

We believe the case study of this four-star hotel highlights the value of rental mats, not least in an upscale setting. We change mats at intervals you decide, washing and replacing them for an impeccable look and maximum performance at all times.  

Company: Royal Over-Seas League, St James, London W1 

Date: August 2020 

The Challenge: The client is a private members’ organisation which champions global friendship and understanding. It helps artists and musicians across the Commonwealth connect, collaborate and create. We were asked to replace all the coir matting at this distinguished central London location in August 2020. Once again, fitting these custom-shaped mats was a complex business.  

Description: At the same time as doing these commercial mats, complete with a logo, we replaced some smaller mat wells in the same building. Despite the challenges, we were pleased with the look of the end result, while the client was also delighted.  

Summing up: Another happy customer! And we believe this job showcases coir mats effectively – these logo mats are versatile enough to suit a wide range of settings, with strong, naturally absorbent fibres to create perfect entrance mats. Coir matting goes particularly well in areas of heavy foot traffic – such as entranceways.  

We reckon these examples of commercial logo mats highlight what we at UK Mats can do, even with the most challenging shapes and spaces! Talk to us about custom-shaped commercial mats today.