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The Differences Between a Tacky Mat and a Standard Mat

If you are looking to update your property or potential workplace due to the amount of dirt being walked in, or just for corporate identity, it is likely that you are considering mats. Additionally, you have probably come across a range of different mats, and are wondering which is best for you. In today’s blog, we will be discussing some of the main differences between standard mats and tacky mats.

Health and Safety

In regards to health and safety, tacky mats are definitely the safer and more hygienic option to go for in general. This is due to the sticky nature of the mats surface which picks up the majority of the dirt from by passers, preventing any dirt from being brought in from outside. Once the mat has become filled with dirt, a layer can be removed from the mats surface, making it like new again. 

With this in mind, although in general tacky mats are more hygienic, promoting a higher standard of health and safety, they are not always necessary. These types of mats are usually used in buildings such as healthcare facilities, clean rooms, sports halls/gymnasiums etc. This is because these areas either have higher standards for hygiene, or are more likely to have higher amounts of dirt passing through the building. 

Therefore, our range of other mats, such as logo mats or fitted mats, are still applicable for your business or property and may be a more appealing option in terms of appearance. For these reasons, you may find yourself leaning more towards our range of standard mats for business entrances or regular properties. 


As briefly touched on, standard mats, although less able to pick up all dirt in high traffic areas, provide a more appealing finish in areas where it may be more important, such as: business entrances, stores, homes and more. In these areas, especially homes and business entrances, they would most likely be more than able to gather the majority of the dirt coming through. 

As well as this, standard mats can reinforce branding for your business, with options such as logo mats available which allows you to personalise a standard mat with your business logo. Tacky mats also come in a handful of predetermined sizes, whereas our other standard mats can be fitted to suit reception areas, and other businesses where first impressions are vital. 

For instance, stores and hotels will want to have repeat business and as many customers will enter the store throughout the day, our range of logo mats and floor mats would definitely be more suitable.

Standard Mat in Walkway


You should notice that each mat brings great benefits depending on the location it is used in. For example, tacky mats may be more suited to healthcare facilities or construction sites, but regular mats still provide a good level of cleanliness, and appearance even more so. 

If you need a mat for your home, regular mats may be the better option for the entrance (in regards to visitors etc.), However, you may also have dogs or children that are constantly going in and out of the back exit, making it ideal for you to have tacky mats through the back entrance. 

Evidently, there is a need and certain applications for both mats, however you may also find that you need both. We hope you have found this blog helpful. If you have any queries, or wish to contact us, visit our contact page or call us on 01494 880066.