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What Can a Logo Mat Do for Your Business?

What is a Logo Mat

Logo mats are like any other mat, a piece of fabric which is to be placed on the floor and help maintain the inside of a premises. Common information that is displayed in the custom logo may include the logo of the company, the services it offers, catchy phrases and contact information. 

Normally, a logo mat is placed right before your business and welcomes customers in. The way the mat is customised and personalised should be carefully handled, remember, the quality and presentation of your business’s logo mat is a representation of the business, therefore, to give off a professional first impression it is advised that you ensure the entrance and logo customised mat is looking clean and presentable.

Importance of Logo Mats

Besides serving aesthetic purposes, such as maintaining the cleanliness inside your business and offering a nice environment for the customers, a logo mat is more related to marketing and branding. A logo mat invites customers into the business, so if done well (choosing the right colours, size, shape and appropriate information to be displayed onto the personalised mat) it can create an amazing first impression. This will only reassure your customers on your professionalism and reliability. The print on the mat is permanent and should be in line with your business. 

A logo mat introduces the business to the customer and helps to bring awareness about what makes you different from others in the area or in the same field as you. A well-customised logo mat will also visually attract potential customers who may be just passing by, making them curious about your business and encouraging them into coming inside. For that to happen, the floor mat should be strategically placed to be visible to as many people as possible. This is important as it will be one of the first things that potential consumers will see.

Logo Mats

Advantages of Logo Mats

From a more practical point of view, a logo mat will decrease the amount of money you spend on cleaning your place of work because it will lessen the amount of dirt that comes inside, and reduce the likeliness of getting the floor damaged from the traffic of people going in and out (potential stones that can scratch the floor).

A logo mat can be seen by many as a very superficial tool that makes no difference in the business world. But in a global society that keeps steadily growing every day, the little details are those that make the difference. The logo mat alone can play many parts inside of a business, as a brand promoter, as an ergonomic tool and a device to keep the floor clean.

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