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In swimming pools and other wet areas, few things are more important than customer safety and keeping the site clean and hygienic, whether you run a spa, gym or leisure centre – and pool mats have a key role to play in solving many of the issues involved.

At UK Mats, we’re one of the nation’s top specialists in these floor coverings, producing a great line-up of entrance mats, fitted mats and leisure mats, including gym mats and high-quality pool and wet area matting. Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses in the leisure industry across Britain to enhance both the safety and cleanliness of their swimming pools and other wet areas.

What Are The Benefits of Pool Mats and Wet Area Floor Coverings?

Pool mats are especially designed and produced to offer a host of benefits in terms of health and safety, cleanliness and hygiene around wet areas.

What’s more, they’re versatile enough to be used in different settings including pools, leisure clubs, saunas and gyms, in areas including the spaces around the pool itself, changing rooms, showers and lockers. They’re also flexible in coming in different sizes, and can help make a pool area more attractive to look at than if there are lots of hard, bare surfaces.

These floor mats bring a number of benefits, some of which you may not have previously considered, including:

#1 Specifically designed to absorb water and keep mould and grime at bay

For any leisure business, hygiene and cleanliness will always be key considerations. One potential hazard is standing water, which can be something of a health and safety nightmare. Wet area mats minimise the problem by allowing water to drain beneath these leisure mats, and stay there safely out of reach until you have the chance to lift up and disinfect your floor coverings. Without pool mats, you’ll need to spend more time and money cleaning these areas of your facility. Less water also means mould and grime won’t build up as quickly. Their structure means swimming pool mats are also easy to clean and dry, while maintenance and assembly generally are minimal.

#2 Wet area mats can boost hygiene with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coatings

Unfortunately, the reality is that infections such as athlete’s foot, rashes, odours and skin infections can be easily picked up at swimming pools, spas and similar places. So can more serious issues such as MRSA, albeit more rarely. But pool mats can help control these irritations and prevent them from being picked up (and spread) by customers or other visitors, creating a hygienic environment. For a start, the uPVC material many swimming pool mats use is not easy for fungi and bacteria to grow on despite the warm, damp environment that would otherwise give them a perfect breeding ground, ultimately meaning, you could say, more happy feet!

It’s also possible to use anti-microbial treatments which keep mould and mildew away, even from bare feet.

#3 Pool mats help to prevent slips and falls

Another issue leisure facilities have to be mindful of is, of course, safety. (As a pool  or leisure centre operator, you’re legally responsible for the health and safety of all staff, pool users and visitors.)

Here again, swimming pool mats can help by aiding in the prevention of trips and falls, always potentially more problematic and common in slippery areas, especially near where soapy products are being used. The grippy surface of these leisure mats means that people can walk with confidence that they won’t slip.

Wet area mats provide additional safety in slippery areas where water collects. This might be, for example, near pool stairs and entrances or exits. These spots can be slip hotspots, even when tiles or flooring are non-slip.

#4 Pool and wet area mats provide a comfortable walking surface

Pool mats tend to have a soft or foamy feel, providing a walking surface for your visitors that’s comfortable as well as clean for bare feet, plus sure footing, even in high foot traffic places. These floor mats tend to be pretty thick, adding to the comfort factor. They also add warmth and traction when they’re being walked over.

#5 Swimming pool mats are long-lasting

As well as being hygienic, as mentioned above, the PVC used to make most pool mats won’t react with oils from toiletries such as soaps or shampoos, or chlorines, making these leisure mats highly durable. Pool mats don’t easily wear or discolour, even over time, so they’re a genuine investment.

Looking For Pool and Leisure Mats?

At UK Mats, we manufacture and supply pool and leisure mats to businesses running facilities with wet areas across the UK. We’re always happy to advise on which products best suit a particular centre, and where best to place pool and wet area mats.

The full range of our floor mats is available on our website. Check out our versatile pool and wet area mats, fashioned in a woven pattern of hygienic, non-slip rubber or high-grade PVC to prevent water from pooling on its surface. The unique cross-ribbed design is also especially comfortable to walk across. Our Kumfi Step anti-bacterial pool mat, for example, is built for the areas around a swimming pool and inside changing rooms. Meanwhile, our Trapwell Comfort Swimming Pool Matting is built from soft vinyl loops, forming an open, free-draining surface and structure. The pattern makes it easy to fit around obstacles such as pool handrails. Order online in custom sizes.

Remember, we also supply gym mats, entrance mats and anti-fatigue mats, so we can supply whatever you need for your leisure centre – we’ve quite literally got you covered!

Finally, while we also provide rental and branded mats, although unfortunately we can’t hire out our swimming pool mats, or customise them for your brand.

Get in touch today for an informal chat about your requirements.