Fitted Mats by UK Mats


UK Mats Ltd can supply fitted mats into any matwell, or recess, where you have a new well or wish to replace an aluminium grid type of matting.  Mats always have to be manufactured slightly larger than the well; one of our fitting team will then attend ‘out  of hours’ to fit the mat to the well.  There is no such thing as a ‘square’ matwell and it’s impossible to send a fitted mat to an exact tolerance – in the same way it’s impossible to order a fitted carpet for a house. The only way to ‘fit’ a mat is by a trained fitter on site – and we’re happy to take care of this for you.

Fitted mats won’t have any rubber edging and to all intents and purposes will appear like a fitted carpet, so create a great first impression with our Fitted Entrance Mats or Customised Doormats into your matwell.

We can create mats to fit into any space, whether into a matwell, or lift, or where a standard loose mat is impractical. UK Mats Ltd will always give you options for the best product for your project.

Our Serviced Fitted Mats and entrance mats are made from the same nitrile rubber backing – but is twice as thick and is called dimensional stable rubber. The depth of our Fitted Mats are 9mm overall.  Where a matwell may be 17mm we can supply a rubber crumb underlay to ensure the finished mat is flush with the floor.

We can also ‘semi fit’ mats where one edge needs to be cut around a pillar, or security device, or into a door frame. We can ‘cut to fit’ our mats to suit your requirements.

We can also fit non serviced modular matting and other products into larger matwells.

  • UK Mats take care of every aspect of the fitting.
  • We offer a free consultation service at your site.
  • We fit out of hours and work around the clock to meet our customers’ expectations.