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Here at UK Mats, we’re the leading floor mat specialists and provider in the UK. When operating our full service, the 20 000 sq. ft factory supplies around 20 000 mats a week across the country. The high-quality floor matting we provide can transform businesses across a range of industries. Including gyms and leisure centres, as well as industrial factories and white-collar businesses.

The Floor Mats We Offer

UK Mats is a leading supplier of standard floor mats for UK businesses. We offer a range of all types of walk-off and washable mats including Welcome, Nylon, and Plain Floor Mats. Walk off mats describe a range of commercial floor mats that wipe or scrape debris from visitors’ shoes. The best place for this matting is outside your property or just inside the entrance door as an indoor mat.

Our floor mats are perfect for preventing dirt and debris from being tracked inside your property. The floor mats are made from solution-dried nylon. This material creates a ‘mottled’ effect that disguises any dirt and gives you the opportunity to clean your floor mat. We also ensure that our floor mats come in a wide range of different washable colours. 

Our standard floor mats are the most popular option we provide. We stock them exclusively at our warehouse. This is so we can supply them to you as quickly as possible upon your purchase. This is another reason why our floor mats and range of indoor matting is so sought after.

Bespoke Floor Mats

At UK Mats, as part of our service, we also provide bespoke floor mat options. We understand that everybody’s style preferences and requirements are different. This is why we can custom build floor mats, so they’re ideal for your property’s needs. We’re also happy to offer different sizes and colours for all our floor mats.

As well as bespoke floor mat options, we also provide a specialist floor mat washing service. We offer washable rental floor mats perfect for a variety of events. Restaurants, shops, hotels, and businesses across the UK have taken advantage of our rental mat offers.

The backing for our floor matting is made of non-slip nitrile rubber. This means that they will not slide across the floor of your property, including either carpets or tiled floors. Like with all our floor mats, safety is a huge priority. We design and build all our mats to ensure the least amount of risk for people entering and leaving your property.

Benefits of Floor Mats

Standard floor mats are one of the only ways to guarantee your property stays clean from dirt. On average, floor mats capture up to 6kg of dirt and prevent it from being brought into your building. As well as this, they absorb up to 3 litres of water per square metre. This is another way floor mats ensure the safety of everyone inside your premises. As the removal of water from your business’s floor removes the risk of people slipping over.

Floor matting prevents around 90% of dirt from visitors’ shoes from entering your property. High-quality mats are the ideal solution to the potential damage dirt and water can cause. After a while, feel free to use our mat washing service. This way your floor mats can carry on keeping your property clean while still looking as good as new.


Sizes available from stock: 120cm x 85cm, 150cm x 85cm, 180cm x 115cm, 240cm x 115cm, 365cm x 115cm.

Colours available from stock: Black Mink, Black Blue, Black Brown, Black Red

As well as bespoke floor mat options, we provide 30 standard mat mottled yarn colours too. If you cannot see what you’re looking for here, please contact us to discuss the full range of floor mats we offer. We’re happy to provide samples for you to compare with your design preferences. As well as any photographs from our existing clients.

Where to Use Floor Mats

Floor mats are not only perfect as welcome mats for your property. They’re the ideal accessories for anywhere in your building. High-quality mats add style and emphasise your brand image and values.

Transform areas in your office such as the staircase with indoor mats. Indoor mats are perfect for either the foot or the top of a staircase. Add a distinctive look to where you work that can leave a lasting impression on any potential new clients. As well as brighten up the office for everyone working inside.


For more information on any of the floor mats we offer, get in touch with our team today. You will always find a friendly voice to discuss your indoor matting and exterior floor mat ideas with.

Visit our contact page and fill out an enquiry form with any questions. Or give us a call on 01494 880066. Our email is sales@ukmats.co.uk.