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Leisure & Gym Mats

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Leisure Mats

Leisure mats are so important for keeping people safe and keeping good hygiene. This is why they’re ideal for use around swimming pools and gym floors. Leisure mats reduce the risk of guests or staff slipping or tripping over. This is because they have a woven pattern to prevent water pooling and the surface becoming slippy.

The gym is one of the most popular, high foot traffic areas in the UK. Gyms can be in commercial venues and residential fitness centres, as well as domestic properties. At UK Mats, we provide a diverse range of rubber flooring products perfect for use in gyms and leisure centres.

They also provide you floor protection from abrasions caused by dropping heavy objects. Rubber flooring for gym applications can also help provide enhanced levels of comfort and traction for high-intensity workouts. Similarly, our matting for swimming pools and changing areas will prevent slips and trips as well.

Both our pool mats and gym mats are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. These mats are also antimicrobial to prevent bacterial growth and keep up excellent hygiene. This is especially important for areas where people are going to be walking around barefoot.

Please explore our range of leisure mats below:

Gym Mats

One of our most popular gym mats is our Dynamat. This is a heavy-duty gym mat designed for floor protection and shock absorption. Making them ideal for use in gyms as they’re perfect for us underneath heavy gym equipment.

The mats feature a wide ridge ensures that any liquids, such as water or sweat, is able to drain away easily. This is also because of the anti-slip top surface to provide comfort and safety. We only use high-quality materials that include dense rubber and a textured top surface to provide extra traction. It functions on either side, so you can use it for longer and is a great insulator.

Another mat we offer is the Trapwell comfort mat which is constructed from soft vinyl loops. They are bonded together to form an open, free-draining system. It features a seamless pattern to cut and fit in different areas of any fitness area. Like all of our leisure mats, these also easy to clean to keep hygienic.

Pool Mats

Using the right pool mats is important for both safety and hygiene. We ensure our floor mats offer both these benefits by designing them to drain water and have anti-bacterial properties. They’re also durable and will be resistant to strong impacts as it’s made from high-grade PVC. Unlike other mat options, they feature a unique cross-ribbed design to provide comfort for swimmers walking across the mats.

These mats are ideal for wet areas as they have a free-draining surface. This means they work for baths and saunas, as well as swimming pools. It’s also resistant to cleaning products, which is what makes them so durable. 

One of the mats we offer is the Kumfi Step mat. This is built for the areas around a swimming pool and inside changing rooms. They’re made from anti-bacterial polyethene, to prevent the growth of fungi or bacteria. It also has connector clips to provide wider mat options.

Customer Service

 At UK Mats, we want to provide excellent customer satisfaction with everything we offer. Our team want to connect with each individual customer. This is to help us provide the ideal leisure mats for your needs. Our team will always be on hand to discuss any requirements you have. Get in touch today to find out how we can provide high-quality floor mats today.

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