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Mat Rental Service

We are the largest independent rental mats supplier in the UK. As a mat rental specialist we have one of the largest ranges of mats available in terms of sizes and colours on a next day basis.

At UK Mats, we are the largest independent mat rental service suppliers in the UK. As a mat rental specialist, we have one of the largest ranges of floor mats available in terms of sizes and colours on a next day basis. We will also manufacture mats in bespoke colours, sizes, shapes – and logos! We specialise in doing what the big PLCs can’t or won’t do. Say you want a beige mat with pink and yellow spots 6m x 2m (mmm nice) – we’ll make it, no problem. We specialise in bespoke and specialist mat rental services and try to fit in with our clients, rather than demanding they fit in with us. Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it for you. We have a loyal and long-serving Mat Rental Service Team, many of whom have been with the company ten years or more. Our philosophy is quite simple – we pay people what we can afford, rather than what we can get away with.

As such, we have a loyal team of drivers and a culture of priding ourselves on our mat rental service standards. All our drivers, who are in uniform, DBS checked, and carry ID cards, have detailed delivery sheets itemising your mats for your site. We offer a full lift and lay service, so there is no involvement from your staff in having to collect up, or swap over the mats – unlike some of the big PLCs who want to just drop off at your door. We take care of everything. That’s one of the biggest benefits of our mat rental service.

“Washable Mats Hire – how does it work?”

We offer a competitive washable mat rental service for our customers that consists of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly lift and lay of your dirty mats for clean ones. Our deliveries are carried out by our own team of uniformed drivers, who are DBS checked and carry ID cards.

We clean all dirty mats, so they are pristine and returned to premium quality. We do this on-site in our own state of the art laundry where they are thoroughly washed at 46 degrees centigrade to ensure they are hygienically clean. We shake and pre-rinse all dirty mats in warm water, we then wash the floor mats in warm water using detergents and rinse before spin-drying. This process restores the pile floor mats to optimum efficiency and we then quality control and inspect. We can deal with nasties such as oil stains or chewing gum and we have a special emulsifier for more stubborn dirty mats. Most large laundries now wash in cold water to save money. As part of mat rental service, we believe washing in warm water is best and gets the pile of the mat cleaner and looking better. This is one area we will not compromise on and makes us our mat rental service a higher standard than most others. The means we will never be the cheapest – our aim is to be the best mat rental service. Period.

The majority of our rental mats are manufactured here in Bucks under rigorous quality control to ensure our washable rental mats are durable and long-lasting. You can buy cheaper Chinese imports, but our floor mats are made in the UK, fully DDA compliant, quality nitrile rubber, gripper backed, the pile of our standard mats is solution-dyed nylon, which is bleach proof, stain proof and will not fade in sunlight. Our rental mats service is at the quality end of the market. We’re not interested in being the cheapest, we’re interested in being the best independent mat rental supplier in the UK.

“Can You Not Vacuum A Mat?”

This is a question we are often asked about our mat rental service. The answer is only to a certain degree. Domestic vacuum cleaners are, on average, only 30 % effective in picking up dirt and soiling in the carpets. This is because soiling can penetrate deep into the carpet pile where it becomes inaccessible to the suction effect of the cleaner. The best way to clean any textile is by a full immersion wash and mats are no different.  Of course, clients can buy and clean their own mats, but from £3 a week you can have a mat on your floor working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and changed for a clean one every week, fortnight, or month. It’s a no brainer really which is why so many clients would rather use a mat rental service than a purchase option.

The effect of dirt in a building is:

On carpets, the dry soiling acts like a jagged cutting tool to damage the carpet fibres every time it is trodden in. It’s microscopic makeup also allows it to be swept into the atmosphere where it swirls and settles on high surfaces, leading to further costly cleaning.

On tiled floors, these jagged edges have an abrasive effect, which scuffs, dulls and eventually damages floors.

A mat is like a dustbin – its purpose is to collect water and dirt and stop it from being walked across your building. You don’t ‘buy’ a dustbin – you have it emptied. The same logic applies with a mat. We supply the mat and you pay for the service. Just like having your bins, or uniforms changed over weekly. That is the philosophy behind our mat rental service.

In the same way that you can’t clean your clothes from dirt, stains or bacteria by vacuuming; you cannot with mats. The most effective way to clean a mat is to launder it – which is where UK Mats comes in. Washing mats in a full immersion wash with a precision injection of liquid detergent and anti-bacterial solutions, at temperate, cleans the mats of bacteria, stains, gum, and other unmentionable items, ensuring the new mat on your floor is clean and at optimum efficiency to trap more wet and dirt.

Changing dirty mats regularly for clean mats allows us to remove the dirt build-up and leave a clean mat ready to absorb more water and dirt.

UK Mats have built up a specialist, bespoke, and quality business over the last twenty years and we specialise in doing what the big PLCs can’t or won’t. We’re generally not interested in quoting for the national ‘cutthroat’ tenders for national supermarkets – we prefer to ‘look after’ individual sites where they demand high standards, reliable service and excellent products at a fair price. This is what we at UK Mats do best – don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say:

“Having done business with UK mats for 10 years, I can highly recommend them as giving courteous and professional service at all times. They have always been able to help out in a crisis. I cannot praise their services enough.”

Kate Cama, Henley Management College

Just a very quick note to say how happy I am with the service since you took over. You turn up when you should, at the same time, same person and change the mats! Not something I was used to with previous supplier. Please pass on my thanks to those concerned.

Phil Bradshaw, Site Manager, John Hampden Grammar School


The mats look great thanks, I would be pleased to recommend your company to anyone.

Sue Brooks, Cleaning Manager, Barbican Estates, City of London


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