Standard Mats by UK Mats


UK Mats is a leading supplier of standard mats for UK businesses offering all types of walk-off & washable mats including Welcome Mats, Nylon Mats and Plain Mats.

Our Standard Mats are perfect for dirt-trapping and are made from solution dyed nylon, which creates a ‘mottled’ effect that helps to hide dirt. We offer a wide range of different washable colours, and because our standard mats are so popular we stock them directly at our warehouse, which means we can supply them to you in a matter of days.

We are also happy to make any size, or colour on a bespoke basis for you and we can offer a washing service on them for you too. Find out more about our washable rental mats which are highly popular in restaurants, shops, hotels and businesses up and down the UK.

The mat backing is made of non-slip nitrile rubber, which means that the mat will not move on carpets or tiled floors. Standard entrance mats capture up to 6 kilos of dirt and absorb up to 3 litres of water per square metre. 70% of dirt in a building is walked through on peoples’ feet. By stopping 90% of this dirt, standard mats prevent the damage that dirt and water cause, by being walked through your building. They are also fully washable if required.

Sizes available from stock: 120cm x 85cm, 150cm x 85cm, 180cm x 115cm, 240cm x 115cm, 365cm x 115cm,

Colours available from stock: Black Mink, Black Blue, Black Brown, Black Red

We are also happy to make any bespoke size for you and have over 30 standard mat mottled yarn colours available. So if you cannot see what you are looking for here, please contact us to discuss our full range of walk-off, standard dirt-trapping mat colours available. We are happy to provide samples for you to match in with your decor and can also provide photographs from our existing customers who are already enjoying the benefits of our washable mats.