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Utility Mats

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At UK Mats we offer a range of utility mats ideal for a variety of businesses. This includes rubber door mats, entrance rubber mats, and kitchen mats. Which you can use either inside or outside your property.

Outdoor utility matting will not fade, rot, or stain. These rubber utility mats are resistant and resilient against all weather conditions. They’re a great option for your property rain, shine or snow.

We use nitrile rubber as a material for all our utility mats and doormats. Nitrile rubber will always lay flat which ensures your doormat is never a tripping hazard. We can prove this as all our utility mats are ADA-compliant.

One of the strengths of utility mats is in their name – they have many uses. From workstations to kitchen mats in wash-up areas to external scrapers. You can buy service washes for any of your utility mats or nitrile rubber mats. To find out more information about the right cleaning services for your utility mats, check out our mat washing service page.

Check out some of the utility mats we offer here:

Types of Utility Mats

Utility mats are heavy-duty floor mat options that will provide high-quality service for years to come.

Finger Brush Utility Mats

Finger Brush utility matting is a heavy-duty rubber matting built for outdoor use. These utility mats include thousands of flexible rubber bristles. This prevents visitors from tracking dirt and debris into your property.

We manufacture all our utility mats using high-quality rubber to ensure it’s as durable as possible. The weight of the mat and its non-slip backing will remain stable and firm on the ground. Even in extreme weather conditions.

Tacky Mats

Tacky mats are sometimes also known as sticky mats. They have several unique features when compared to standard floor mats. We build all our tacky mats with a removable adhesive layer that dirt and dust will stick to. This prevents visitors from accidentally tracking dirt and dust through your property. This includes dirt and dust from any objects too. Tacky mats are ideal for hospitals, laboratories, and construction sites. Anywhere where hygiene is essential, tacky mats are the ideal solution.

At UK Mats, our tacky mats use multiple unique adhesive layers. This exclusive design makes our tacky mats more effective at capturing dirt and dust. Our tacky mats hold a sticky layer on the bottom of the mats. Unlike the other layers, this is to prevent the mat from slipping and ensure your staff and guests safety. Another massive benefit of our tacky mats is each layer peels off to reveal a fresh clean surface. This prevents unhygienic microbial growth and allows your mats to stay effective for longer.

Kleen-Scrape Utility Mat

We manufacture all our Kleen-Scrape mats from 100% nitrile rubber. This is a highly versatile floor mat that has a variety of applications. They’re perfect for use indoors and outdoors, across many areas in and around your property.

To ensure your and your visitors’ safety, this utility mat is slip-resistant. The Kleen-Scrape mat’s surface features a slip-resistant surface even when wet, as well as a skid-resistant rubber back. As well as water the mats are oil and chemical resistant and anti-fatigue.

Kleen-Thru Plus Utility Mat

Do you want to improve safety and reduce your staff’s fatigue? You can achieve this with a Kleen-Thru plus utility mat. They’re the ideal utility mat for use in professional kitchens. This is because these floor mats are resistant to oil, grease, and water. As well as this resistance that will decrease the risk of slipping over, the mat has anti-microbial properties. This means there is a reduced bacteria growth on this mat. Which is why they’re a highly hygienic mat perfect for use in kitchens.

This utility mat has additional flexibility and support to ensure your staff’s comfort when working. The mats bevelled and cleated edges also help to remove the risk of slips and trips while working. Another factor that makes this mat perfect for kitchen use is how easy to clean it is. It’s able to be fully machine washable in commercial capacity machines.

For more information on any of the utility mats we offer, get in touch with our team today. You will always find a friendly voice to discuss your utility mat ideas with.

Visit our contact page and fill out an enquiry form with any questions. Or give us a call on 01494 880066. Our email is sales@ukmats.co.uk.