Why fitted mats could be the perfect fit for your business

When choosing mats for your organisation, you need to consider whether to go for custom branded models, and whether to rent or buy – but also whether to choose loose-lying or fitted mats for your floors.

In fact, installing fitted mats brings more benefits than you may have realised, especially for areas where there is high footfall.

What Is A Fitted or Matwell Mat?

Fitted or matwell mats are designed to go snugly into a recess or matwell, so that they lie flush with the surrounding floor area and blend in with it seamlessly. For the best results, they should be professionally installed. They’re the perfect solution for any area where a loose floor covering may not be suitable, such as the entrance to a busy reception area. Fitted entrance mats remain firmly in place, however often they’re walked over. They come in a range of designs, colours and materials, with uPVC backing and rubber or coir among the available options. And they can be custom-made to fit the exact space, even going wall-to-wall if necessary. This precision allows for efficient budgeting and minimal wastage.

Finally, they can be personalised with your own branding and logo to be as unique as your organisation.

How Matwell Mats Could Benefit Your Business

As mentioned, fitted entrance mats bring with them more advantages than you may have realised. That’s especially true if you’re a high-end business wanting to create a polished, lasting first impression with everything appearing immaculate the minute someone sets foot inside your premises.

That makes fitted mats especially appropriate for hospitality settings including restaurants, hotels and upmarket retail stores.

Here, we consider the benefits of these commercial mats in a little more detail:

#1 Fitted mats stay in place

The obvious benefit of these commercial mats is that, of course, they’re fitted into a recess or matwell. So they don’t slip or slide around, however high the footfall across it. This provides an extra layer of security which other floor coverings can’t always offer. You eliminate the potential for your floor covering to become a trip hazard, either from movement or from a stray edge inadvertently catching someone’s foot. Clearly, this is important in areas of heavy footfall, and particularly helps the elderly or others who may be vulnerable.

#2 Fitted mats have a neater appearance

Because they don’t slip and slide around or come up at the edges, fitted mats blend more seamlessly into the floor than loose-lying versions, giving a neater look and finish. This leads ultimately to a positive and lasting first impression of your brand. After all, fitted mats are effectively part of the building in a way loose entrance mats aren’t, so the overall look is a lot more professional.

#3 Fitted entrance mats come in all (custom) shapes and sizes!

Matwell mats can be made in a huge variety of custom shapes. That means you have more flexibility and control when it comes to design compared with other types of entrance mats. Whatever shape you want, and whatever the size of your entrance, you can get fitted mats that are, well, the perfect fit!

#4 Great for branding and advertising

With matwell mats, the versatility and flexibility don’t end with the custom shaping. Fitted mats are also an excellent tool for advertising and branding. Add your own design, company name and logo, in your brand colours of course, to further enhance the professional appearance of your fitted mats.

#5 Fitted mats last longer

We’ve already mentioned how fitted entrance mats are a great solution for areas where you tend to experience a heavy footfall. The edges don’t fray because they’re protected by fitting snugly into the matwell, so, as well as preventing trips and falls, they last for longer than other kinds of commercial mats. Therefore you save money by not having to replace them so often.

Are There Any Downsides to Fitted Mats?

We want to paint an honest picture which looks at fitted mats from all angles. When people ask us whether there are any potential downsides associated with fitted entrance mats, we always say that there can be a couple. Here they are:

#1 Higher cost

It’s true that fitted mats generally cost more than non-fitted versions. That’s because they’re pricier to make. If you’re going for a custom shape and branding, that’s even more likely to be the case. However, the initial outlay will almost certainly be offset by the longevity of fitted mats. Equally, the benefits described above mean that, even if fitted mats aren’t the cheapest options, they still provide excellent value.

#2 Can be trickier to replace

Because, obviously, they’re fitted, these entrance mats can sometimes be a little bit more difficult to replace and lay than loose-lying commercial mats. Overcome this issue by choosing a fitted mat provider with the skills and experience to know what they’re doing, and with specific expertise in laying fitted mats.

Looking For Fitted Entrance Mats?

At UK Mats, we manufacture and supply top-quality entrance mats, including fitted and matwell mats. We provide mat sales and rental services, plus on-site mat washing. If you rent from us, we clean your entrance mats, whether they’re fitted or standard commercial mats, and return them at regular intervals to suit you, whether that’s every week, fortnight or month. But whatever you choose, you can look forward to reasonable, affordable prices.

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