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Here at UK Mats, we offer rubber anti-fatigue safety mats to rent for our customers operating in varied sectors all over the UK.

If you’re wondering what these products are, essentially anti-fatigue mats are a type of industrial and safety floor mat used in areas of commercial premises which are likely to get wet, from kitchens and bars to restaurants, gyms and swimming pools. In a nutshell, they can do a great deal to enhance the cleanliness and safety of any of your wet areas.

And, don’t forget, our mat rental service for these industrial safety mats includes regular cleaning and replacement of fresh mats at intervals of your choice, whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly – it’s entirely up to you.

So get in touch with us today and enquire about our anti-fatigue mat rental service, and look forward to spreading the cost of these items while enjoying regular cleaning and replacement of your floor coverings at the same time.


The anti-fatigue matting we supply from UK Mats is the Triple-Flex Flow and Scrape model, which has been specifically designed for areas that can get wet, across a wide range of settings. These items also feature offset backing for extra comfort and support when someone is standing on them. At the same time, they have excellent anti-slip and microbial properties and resist oil, grease and water.

You can look forward to a number of excellent benefits from renting our Triple-Flex Flow mats, including:


Reducing Staff Fatigue

Our rubber mats incorporate a layer of cushioning to reduce worker fatigue and help prevent accidents and injuries including aches and sprains. They work by absorbing the shock which walking causes to the body, with a cushioning effect which lessens foot pressure, fatigue and the chances of an injury occurring in the first place. So they’re ideal if your staff or on their feet for all or most of the working day.


Preventing Trips & Slips in Wet Areas

These rubber floor mats enhance safety in the workplace in preventing slips and trips which can lead to potentially serious injury, and which are obviously more likely in areas where there could be water on the floor. Most importantly, this keeps your workforce and customers safe, but it also lessens the risk of negligence claims being brought against you.


Health Benefits

Health benefits include the easing of tension in the neck and shoulders, which can reduce or prevent headaches. Rubber anti-fatigue mats also relieve pressure on the spine, and reduce the strain on the muscles in the back. Finally, these floor coverings encourage foot and body movement, promoting regular posture changes and stimulating blood circulation.


Perfect for Kitchens & Restaurants

If you’re looking for anti-fatigue kitchen mats, the Triple-Flex Flow and Scrape mat is an ideal choice and with anti-microbial properties, they are suitable for a wide range of food preparation settings.


Have a word with one of the team today about how our mats could lessen worker fatigue while increasing health and safety on your premises and improving the overall employee wellbeing.