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At UK Mats, clients in London and across the UK make use of our entrance mat rental service, which includes regular cleaning and replacement with fresh floor mats.

Hotels, shops, schools, offices and others typically want to extend a warm welcome to anyone visiting their premises. Entrance mats can play a key role in this, and have a more significant role in organisational branding than you may have realised.

Additionally, because they absorb the water, grime and debris that people inevitably tread into your premises from outside, entrance mats help keep your interiors clean from outdoor dirt. Equally, this prevents potential slip-and-trip accidents, so there’s a health and safety benefit, too.

If you’re in the market for a new entrance mat, our floor mat rental service ensures your mats will always be clean and performing their best.

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If you go for rented entrance mats rather than buying them outright, you can look forward to a number of benefits, all of which make our entrance mat hire services highly popular. And, remember, when you rent your floor mats from us, you also get a mat regular cleaning service at an interval you choose, plus replacement floor coverings delivered to your door – or floor! Here’s what to expect:


Lower outright purchase cost compared with buying them since you pay for your floor mats over time rather than making a large initial payment for them.


Mat rental is especially useful in areas of heavy footfall, where mats can promptly start to lose their shine if they’re not regularly cleaned and replaced – at the same time, regularly cleaned mats will look and perform their best!


Reduces your overall building cleaning expense and effort, since the cleaner a mat is, the better the job it does of gathering grime so that the rest of your site remains dirt-free


With regular cleaning, you are also creating the best possible look for the entrance to your premises – critical if you have opted for branded or logo entrance mats, and are using them to promote a particular brand.

Branded Entrance Mats

At UK Mats, an important part of our entrance mat hire service includes logo mat rental. If you’re serious about making an entrance, these bespoke floor mats are a superb way to help with branding and create a professional look as well as an excellent first impression. After all, people will spot the entranceway and what is on the floor there before they notice anything else.

So our entrance rental mats can certainly be branded if you wish to give your premises the wow factor. What’s more, they come with all the perks of our regular entrance mat hire service, including regular cleaning and replacement at intervals of your choice, whether that’s every week, fortnight or month.

Particularly if you’re a venue like a hotel, retail store or restaurant, incorporating a vibrant welcome message can help people feel encouraged to cross your threshold. A welcome message in multiple languages goes a long way in a hotel setting.

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Entrance mat cleaning services

With our entrance rental mats, we include the price of regular cleaning and replacement of your dirty floor mats with freshly cleaned ones. You may choose to do this every seven or 14 days, or monthly – it’s entirely up to you. However, we’d say a month is the longest you should keep your mats in place without changing or cleaning them.

Whatever interval you decide on, we’ll keep disruption of your business’s day-to-day operations to an absolute minimum. Everyone will be able to go about their daily duties as usual on changeover day. But you will notice the replacement floor coverings once they’re in place, squeaky-clean and all ready to perform at their very best.

We clean our entrance logo mats at our premises in Buckinghamshire at our own onsite industrial laundry premises. If you’ve chosen to buy your branded mats, we also offer this cleaning service for your own floor mats too.

We launder mats by fully immersing them and always giving them a hot wash. We inject commercial liquid detergent before rinsing and spin-drying for a professional and effective clean!


Hire your entrance rental mats from us at UK Mats, the nation’s industry leader. Chat to us today about how our commercial entrance mat hire service could significantly enhance your brand and business.