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Logo mat rental services

At UK Mats, we offer logo mats to rent for clients in London and UK-wide, with a service which includes regular cleaning and replacement of floor coverings with freshly laundered, branded mats.

Whether you run a shop, hotel, school or office building, branded logo mats are a fantastic way to promote your business and welcome visitors. Not only do branded entrance mats always look smart and professional, but they’re not just a pretty face! Entrance floor mats also collect the dirt and water people tread in from outdoors, preventing trip-and-slip accidents and keeping your building cleaner and more hygienic.

What’s more, renting your branded entrance mats saves you money on the upfront costs of buying these items outright. And because a regular cleaning service is included in our price, with no minimum number of mats needed for our service, we guarantee you’ll always have fresh, clean floor coverings.

So if you’re looking for logo mat rental, drop us a line – we’ll be delighted to help.

Benefits of renting branded mats

As well as having regular cleaning included in the price of your logo mat hire, there are numerous other great benefits to branded mat rental for your business, as opposed to buying floor coverings upright. So no wonder logo mat hire is a highly popular service:


You save money because the cost of logo mat rental is spread out.


With regular cleaning and replacement of your branded mats, your entranceway and floor coverings will stay looking their brilliant best, which is especially important if you’re using a branded mat rental service, since grubby-looking logo mats are hardly the ideal look for your brand.


Mats look better for longer and will perform at their very best because they’re regularly cleaned, which is included in the price of our mat rental services.


You’ll also save money on cleaning bills, since the more dirt-free your mats are, the better the job they’ll do of collecting dirt and keeping the rest of your premises clean.


Logo mat hire is especially useful for high-footfall areas, where, if you don’t change them regularly, mats very quickly start to look grubby or worn out – they’ll also stop performing at their best.


Perfect for hotels, retail stores and restaurants where branded mats will help your brand stand out, without the initial outlay of purchasing logo mats outright.

An effective branding tool for your business

If you invest in logo mats, you’ll have the ideal branding tool for your business – not least given the fact that entrance mats are often one of the first things a visitor to your premises will notice.

Our logo rental mats are produced to the very highest standards and will give your building a professional appearance as they welcome visitors.

And especially for retail outlets and hotels, you can print a welcome message on the entrance mats alongside your logo or other branding – for example, the word ‘welcome’ in various languages.

UK Mats works with some of London’s most prestigious hotels, along with many household-name brands across the UK. Our floor coverings are also found in different retail stores, offices and public buildings. Many of our customers have used our branded mat rental service for years.

Keep your mats looking good & performing optimally

Whether your entrance mats are branded or not, keeping them clean is key to having them stay in their best shape and performing at their very best. And that’s especially true of high-footfall areas such as shop entrances, hotels, restaurants, offices and public buildings.

At UK Mats, our logo mat rental services include frequent cleaning – but it’s up to you to decide how often that should be. For example, you may choose to have your logo mats cleaned every week, every fortnight or every month. However, we certainly wouldn’t recommend you leave it longer than a month to refresh your branded mats.

What’s more, we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and discreetly on changeover day, with no disruption to the daily operation of your business. All you’ll notice are clean, fresh duplicate mats performing at their very best.

UK Mats has its own on-site commercial mat-laundering facility on site at our Buckinghamshire HQ. And our mat-cleaning service is available whether you go for our floor mat rental service or have bought our floor coverings outright.

Our cleaning is a rigorous process involving a hot, full-immersion wash, a precise injection of industrial-grade liquid detergent, rinsing and spin-drying.


Rent your entrance mats from the UK’s biggest and best mat hire company, UK Mats. Get in touch today to learn more about what our mat rental service could do for your business.