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Schools and Universities

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THE floor MAT SPECIALISTs for schools and universities in the uk

Floor mat rental services for Schools, Colleges, and Universities from UK Mats Ltd.


Our service includes cleaning and replacing mats at intervals selected by the school, minimizing disruption to daily operations. Schools can also choose to purchase mats rather than rent them, in which case we offer professional cleaning services to keep the mats looking their best.


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Significantly reduce costs

Reduce Upfront costs by renting floor mats
Choosing to rent floor mats is significantly more cost-effective in the short term, reducing upfront costs for Schools, Universities or Colleges.

Reduce Cleaning Costs
Floor mats can help keep the interior of a building clean by trapping dirt, water, and debris brought in from the outside. This can reduce the overall cleaning effort and expense for a building.

Improve Energy efficiency
Using floor mats can help to reduce energy costs in a few ways. For example, mats can help to insulate a building and reduce the amount of heat loss through the floor, which can help to reduce heating costs.

Reducing repair costs
 Mats can help to protect floors from wear and tear caused by foot traffic, particularly in high-traffic areas. This can extend the life of a building’s flooring and reduce the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Preventing slip-and-trip accidents

By absorbing water and other substances, floor mats can help to reduce the risk of slip-and-trip accidents, which can be a significant concern for schools, offices, and other public buildings.


In addition to preventing slip-and-trip accidents, floor mats can also help to increase safety in other ways. For example, mats with non-slip backing can help to prevent accidental falls, while mats with reflective surfaces can help to increase visibility in low-light conditions..

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Enhance the appearance of schools, colleges and universities

Well-maintained floor mats can help to create a professional and welcoming appearance for a building. Branded mats can also promote an organization’s brand and create a solid first impression for visitors.

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Floor mats can provide insulation and sound absorption, which can be beneficial in specific settings. For example, mats with thick, cushioned backing can help to reduce noise levels in a building and make it more comfortable for occupants.


Some floor mats, particularly those with cushioned backing, can provide a more comfortable walking surface for people. This can be especially beneficial for schools, offices, and other public buildings where people may be standing or walking for long periods.

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Our knowledgeable team are always on-hand to help whether you are a new or existing customer


Fill out our simple quote form for a quick and easy quote based on your requirements.


Your mats will be washed on-site in our own eco-friendly mat washing machines.

There are many benefits to renting a mat, not to mention that with mat rental, help is always on hand from our friendly team of mat specialists.
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Always have fresh and clean mats with cleaning included in the cost.
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Your dirty mats will be picked up regularly and replaced with clean mats
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Spread the cost with monthly payments and avoid upfront payments.
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Increase the safety and lifespan of your mats by having them regularly cleaned.
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