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Mat Washing Service

UK Mats aims to run the UK’s largest mat-washing service, to individuals and large organisations alike, at affordable trade prices.

Our mat washing service


The quality of our rental mats is outstanding. But all floor coverings need cleaning at some point to remove stains, built-up grime and moisture and stay their smart-looking best.

UK Mats aims to run the UK’s largest mat-washing service, to individuals and large organisations alike, at affordable trade prices. Many customers have used us for years – and although we’re in Buckinghamshire, our clients are located across the UK.

Our team offers a professional, eco-friendly mat rental service, in which we collect your mats and replace them with fresh ones in pristine condition at regular intervals.

A flexible approach – how we work around our customers

  • Choose our cleaning-only service if you prefer
  • Choose one-off cleaning or a regular, bespoke plan
  • Replace mats weekly, fortnightly or monthly


Mat Washing Machines
Mat Washing Machines

How does it work?

Our ‘lift and lay’ washable mat rental service means you won’t have to do a thing. Your floor coverings will be constantly ready to trap new dirt and moisture.


How we clean rental mats

We have our own on-site laundry at our HQ in Buckinghamshire. Our rigorous process keeps the mats’ piles looking and performing at their best – here’s how it works:

  • We give mats a full immersion wash with detergents after we’ve shaken them and pre-rinsed in warm water – we wash at 46°C to guarantee hygiene and won’t cut corners by using cold water
  • Precise injection of industrial-grade liquid detergent and anti-bac solutions
  • We then rinse mats and spin-dry them in our own on-site machines
  • Finally, we carry out quality control and inspection
  • We have a special emulsifier for dirtier mats and can handle the toughest marks like chewing gum or oil
  • We stick to industry-leading washing machines, detergents and tumble dryers


Can’t I just run a vacuum cleaner over the mats myself?

You could, but you’d probably pick up less than a third of the dirt lying deep within the pile where the suction can’t reach it in the way a full-immersion wash can.

Even microscopic dirt particles damage carpet or mat fibres when trodden in. Equally, these particles can be swept up into the atmosphere and settle elsewhere to create even more cleaning, unless mats are thoroughly and regularly laundered. If dirt particles land on a tiled floor, the effect can be particularly damaging.


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