Mat Washing Service

As the largest independent mat laundry in the country, UK Mats are able to offer a wash-only service for customers and trade businesses alike. We can do this in several different ways.

If you would like to own your mat, but still would like it commercially cleaned, we are able to wash your mat on a ‘service only’ basis. This can either be on our typical fortnightly service or custom planned for your needs (e.g. once quarterly, yearly etc..).

For other businesses who offer a mat rental service, we are able to wash your mats for your. Unlike the laundries of the publicly traded hygiene companies, we are not interest in competing with you against your own customers. Rest assured UK Mats will never poach our own customer’s customers.

We are also able to manage the whole rental mat process for other companies. This includes the whole lift and lay process as well as the washing of the mats. All our drivers are discreet, highly professional and DBS checked.

We already have the pleasure of washing and servicing the mats for a range of local and national cleaning, hygiene and washroom companies. We offer standard trade prices to all our customers and, due to our service, have been working with many of our trade customers for years.

If you are interested in any of the above please fill in our enquiry form or call us on 01494 880066.

Mat Washing Machines