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Top Tips To Keep Your Entrance Mats Clean

Customers regularly ask us for our top tips for keeping their entrance mats clean. So we thought we’d expand a bit on this subject here.  

The reality is, of course, that all mats will need cleaning from time to time, however infrequently they’re walked over. So it’s worth having a couple of tricks under your sleeve to keep floor mats looking fresh in between cleanings – this also cuts down on how often you need to have the things cleaned.  

You should bear in mind that good-quality entrance mats are specifically designed for areas of high footfall, and so they disguise dirt extremely well. However, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the mats are actually clean – in fact, they can often be considerably grubbier than you realise.  

What Does An Entrance Mat Do?  

We understand that the answer to this may seem incredibly obvious, but there’s more to entrance mats than you may have appreciated.  

  • For a start, entrance mats are the first line of defence stopping dirt and moisture from coming into your building.  
  • They absorb grime and wetness to leave footwear dry, holding on to dirt moisture until the mat can be cleaned.  
  • They also stop dirt and moisture from being trailed around your building, while providing a safe walking surface and helping to prevent slips, trips and falls.  
  • Obviously, entrance mats keep your floors clean, but you can also use them to welcome visitors and show off your brand  

It may have to do most of the work for these jobs, or, indeed, if it’s the only mat in the front of your premises, it will have to do all the work.  

Equally, entrance mats come in far more shapes and sizes than you may have realised, from bespoke shapes to fitted mats and mat well coverings and non-slip models. And the range of materials from which they can be made is surprisingly wide, from coir to rubber-backed or polypropylene, with eco-friendly and slip-resistant versions also available. But whatever you go for, your matting will need to have some sort of moisture-handling system.

Why it’s important to keep your entrance matting IN GOOD CONDITION 

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to keep your entrance mats in pristine condition. Firstly, doing so lowers the cost of cleaning the rest of your premises, since dirt is kept away from floors. Equally, if you regularly give your floor coverings the once-over, they will last longer.  

Spotless mats also give a far better first impression, while if you’ve customised them, the last thing you want is for visitors to see your brand name looking grubby and tatty the minute they arrive.  

So how do I keep my entrance mats clean?  

At UK Mats, we specialise in mat rental and hire services, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to keeping entrance mats looking the business so that they last longer. So here goes with our top tips for keeping your entrance mats clean:  

#1 Regular vacuuming  

Again, this may sound like an obvious one, yet you’d be surprised how many people leave this off their to-do list for premises cleaning. But a regular blitz with a good-quality vacuum cleaner means your mats don’t gather built-up dirt.  

#2 Frequent wiping or mopping for rubber models 

Keep rubber matting wiped down and/or mopped and they will stay looking their absolute best. At the same time, less built-up grime means that visitors can’t move it all over your floors.  

#3 Employ a mat laundry service  

Using a professional mat laundry service will ensure regular washing of your floor coverings, so they stay fresh and clean. At the same time, you will also be prolonging their lifespan. An alternative is to use a service such as that provided by UK Mats, whereby rental mats are taken and replaced with spotless ones at intervals you decide, so that matting doesn’t accrue built-up grime.  

#4 Shake it all out!  

For non-fitted mat cleaning, you can do a lot to keep them free from dust and debris by giving them a quick but regular and thorough shake-out to shift excess or superficial soiling.  

#5 Also use an outdoor entrance mat 

An outdoor mat can go a long way towards keeping your indoor entrance mats clean, whether they are fitted or not. External matting provides an additional layer of protection as visitors enter your site. You can also buy outdoor mats which are able to withstand the worst of the British weather and have a texture which is specially designed to collect dirt as those entering the building wipe their feet.  

#6 Use a mat rental service 

If you want totally dirt-free mats, and your business premises typically has a high footfall, one great solution could be a mat rental service. These services usually incorporate mat cleaning as well as the supply of floor coverings themselves. They’re also more cost-effective than you may have realised, while at the same time saving you the hassle of worrying about how to keep your mats clean.  

Looking for a great mat cleaning service?  

UK Mats is the UK’s leading industry specialist, offering a mat hire and cleaning service – we have our own mat laundry and warehouse on-site. Plus we supply a wide range of commercial matting, from logo mats to rubber anti-fatigue kitchen mats and wet area mats.

Additionally, our mat rental service also includes regular cleaning and replacement, for fitted and non-fitted models.  

Give us a call today for a no-obligation chat about what you need, and we’ll take it from there.