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Using Entrance Mats as a Promotional Tool

Boosting your business with the promotional power of entrance mats

When thinking about marketing your business, entrance mats may not be the first thing to spring to mind. But in fact these floor coverings provide numerous branding opportunities; indeed, they’re far more of a promotional tool than you may have realised.

While most people appreciate the importance of a business’s physical entrance when it comes to those all-important first impressions, matting isn’t necessarily top of the list. But it’s perhaps not surprising that organisations are increasingly investing in vibrant, welcoming branded mats, given what they can do.

How to boost your brand with entrance mats

Once you start looking, you’ll notice entrance matting across a huge range of different business types, from shops to offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other public-service venues.

But for many of us, if we think about entrance mats at all, we typically picture a plain, perhaps rather humdrum affair. We probably consider these items as just somewhere to wipe your feet, while having a vague sense that they keep floors cleaner and safer.

But, as well as being highly practical, entrance mats can play a huge role when it comes to marketing and branding, and creating an impactful first impression that visitors to a site will take away with them – and remember. Indeed, floor coverings can constitute the ideal introduction to your business.

Here are some of the ways you can maximise the potential of entrance matting as a promotional/brand-boosting tool:

#1 Incorporate bright colours

Go for a brightly coloured mat or one with some bold accent colours that either complement or make use of your brand colours. This is a sure way to grab attention while adding to the design and look of your premises.

#2 Invest in a logo mat

These days, it’s very easy to brand mats so that you incorporate your business’s logo or its colours or other design material. What’s more, you can feel free to be as bold or as subtle as you like!

#3 Use your entrance mats to welcome visitors

This is one of the traditional purpose of doormats, and it’s one that’s worth bearing it in mind. Use entrance matting to welcome all visitors, and even to direct them inside your building. Particularly in hotel settings, branded hotel entrance mats can provide the perfect welcome. If you have an international clientele, why not greet guests in multiple languages?

#4 Custom-shaped logo mats

If you really want to showcase and show off both your brand and entranceway in style, consider custom-designed and shaped logo mats to add an extra dash of extra class to their overall look and design, particularly if you run a hotel or similar hospitality premises. Take a closer look at hospitality entrance mats. Branded mats help you shout loud and clear about who exactly you are.

#5 As ever, less is more!

When it comes to the design of branded mats or other custom floor covering, as in so many things, less is usually more. Don’t overcrowd your carpet with too much text. Instead, stick to simple messaging and a clear, straightforward and uncluttered logo and pattern. That way, you significantly increase your chances of being noticed.

#6 Make the most of outdoor entrance mats

It can be easy to forget that branded mats can work brilliantly outside as well as inside a building. Not only does exterior matting give visitors the chance to dry off their feet, thus trailing less dirt inside your site, but it also offers another opportunity to welcome visitors and make your business premises stand out.

Equally, if you’re not sure how your interior entrance matting should look, how about having outside mats to welcome visitors, while having branded logo mats for once they’ve crossed the threshold?

Looking for branded entrance matting?

At UK Mats, we’re specialists who’ve operated in the industry producing high-quality commercial entrance mats for many years. Our branded mats have been used across myriad industry sectors, producing everything from hospital and school to retail entrance mats. And as well as supplying logo mats, we offer whatever design or shape you’re after. See the range of custom-shaped rugs we’ve created previously – you’ll see how much we love rising to the challenge of a very specific or unusual custom shape for our customers’ logo mats.

Remember, as well as entrance matting and logo mats, we offer other types of floor coverings, including industrial and anti-fatigue rugs and health and safety matting, plus leisure mats for gyms, pools and spas. Our range encompasses loose-lying and fitted mats.

Get in touch today for an informal, no-obligation chat about your requirements for bespoke mats, whether you need hotel entrance mats or anything else, and we’ll be delighted to help.