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Can you rent branded mats?

If you’re looking to spread the cost of floor mats for your business, mat rental services are a great way of doing just that. But renting mats isn’t just cost-effective – you’ll enjoy a number of other benefits too when investing in commercial mats.

As the UK’s leading mat specialist, we receive numerous enquiries about mat rental, and one of the most common is whether branded mats can be rented.

It’s true that branded matting has always been popular. But in recent years we’ve noticed organisations increasingly opting for logo mats to ensure a consistent look across their premises. And that’s hardly surprising when you consider that visitors see your entrance mats before they see anything else at your site, so there’s no better way of stating your identity and creating an outstanding first impression than with branded floor mats.

How does mat rental work for businesses?

Floor mat rental services, as you would expect, allow companies to pay to use entrance mats. So instead of paying a higher initial cost to buy, and ultimately own, the mats outright, rent is paid instead, which spreads the costs over a (typically minimum) number of months.

Mat rental services frequently include a mat laundry or washing service, giving customers the added advantage of having entrance mats which are always in perfect condition and look their squeaky-clean best. After all, vacuuming only shifts 10% of dirt, so it’s best to have rugs professionally laundered.

Here are some of the other benefits of hiring your floor coverings:

  • Regular replacements: Rental mats are replaced at regular intervals, so there are no tatty, worn and potentially dangerous trip hazards lying around.
  • Maximum effectiveness: Having mats which are always new and clean also means top performance from your floor coverings. That can be especially important in winter, when grit, salt, water and dirt can be walked right into your building. This looks unsightly, again is a possible slip-and-trip danger and can ramp up cleaning bills if your mats are old or grubby or not up to the task.
  • No need to outsource cleaning: You don’t have to worry about asking any of your staff or contractors to clean your floor coverings.

What types of mats can be rented?

Admittedly, one of the few potential downsides of mat rental is that there is generally a more limited selection of mats from which to take your pick. Typically, standard rubber-backed models are the only kinds of entrance mats available to hire from most mat rental companies.

That means that generally speaking, if you’re looking specifically for coir matting, fitted rugs or any other kind of floor covering, you will need to purchase these outright.

Can rental mats be branded?

The short answer to this is that yes, you can indeed rent branded mats. What’s more, doing so can bring your business numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved aesthetics, giving a professional look to staff, customers and other visitors to your site.
  • The option to add welcome messages, including in different languages which could be ideal if you’re an international business or a hotel.
  • A branded, customised product without the usual hefty price tag associated with these floor coverings.
  • Matting with the high levels of performance and effectiveness you’d expect from a high-quality rug, but with the added bonus of featuring your brand and matching your chosen décor.

What to consider when renting branded mats

As mentioned, there are some superb advantages to branded mat rental. Yet this option is not without its limitations. So there are a few points to bear in mind if you decide to rent your mats and want them to feature your company logo or branding:

#1 A limited choice of materials

As indicated above, typically only rubber-backed mats can be rented. This also goes for branded mats. So only rubber-backed versions can be both rented and branded.

#2 Rented logo mats cannot be fitted

Looking to rent fitted logo mats? Unfortunately, this won’t be an option, since loose-laying matting is the only solution available for rented mats. If you want a fitted floor covering, either plain or branded, you’ll need to buy it outright instead of hiring it.

So, in summary, you certainly can hire branded rental mats, but a lot depends on your budget and particular needs as to what you decide to do. If you don’t want the heavy initial outlay of buying your mats and prefer to go for renting them, rest assured that rubber-backed mats provide all the performance and features of an effective entrance mat, and will look smart and appealing when completed with your branding.

Speak to our team about branded rental mats

At UK Mats, we manufacture and fit all our floor coverings, and provide a competitively priced mat rental service to clients from a wide range of industry sectors UK-wide. Branded rental mats are a speciality of ours. What’s more, thanks to our on-site mat laundry facilities, your mats will always be freshly cleaned to stay in the best condition and replaced regularly at intervals chosen by you.

We also offer rubber-backed mats and as well as hiring entrance mats, we also offer anti-fatigue and wet area mats to rent too.

Talk to the team about renting your branded entrance mats today.