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Need a Commercial Mat Laundry Service? Look no Further!

Need a Commercial Laundry: Look no Further!

Are you currently having to use a commercial laundry to clean your mats? Are you dismayed by the awful service your publicly listed comrade is offering you? Look no further, as UK Mats Ltd are the UK’s largest independent mat laundry in the country.

Our Laundry Service

Here at UK Mats Ltd, there is only one thing we care about: mats – and we’re pretty good at them if we may say so. Unlike our bigger friends, we can offer a consistent, reliable and affordable laundry service for all your matting needs. Based near High Wycombe, we are in a prime location to service the mats of the South and Midlands.

Our laundry service offers the full package. Unlike the big boys and girls, we care. Your mats will go through the same quality assured service that we put our own mats through. Fear not of us losing mats and generally being useless, your mats will be washed, dried, quality assured and stored away from our mats to prevent confusion. Just let us know when you want to drop them off, and collect them, and we’ll sort the rest out. If you deliver any damaged mats to us fear not, our in-house repair team can mend them for you.

If you’d also like us to worry about the servicing side as well just let us know. We have a fleet of highly trained service drivers and vans which offer a fantastic service. That’s why we’re a hit already with other mat and cleaning companies. You can also sleep easy knowing we will not be going after your customers to advertise our own products, that’s not our style.

Contact Us

If you’d like to jump ship and join the real mat people, give us a call on 01494 880066 or fill in our enquiry form. We’ll then get back in touch soon.